I love you

Hi, I’m Daniel Ludwig!

I've been a professional writer for six years, with a career spanning creative, business, and cultural applications.

I started out as a professional columnist and music reviewer at the start-up Publication Rock on Philly, where I covered up and coming artists, music festivals, live performances, and venues.

I eventually moved on to the Philadelphia branch of The Deli Magazine, working to promote artists within the local music scene while also composing their monthly selections for top album.

Over the last four years, I've worked as the Managing Editor at a career services company writing resumes, CVs, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, personal websites, and other professional documents.

Hi, I’m Katie Cubano!

I'm a writer at heart. My earliest poetry books were done in construction paper and ribbon, my high school papers were often interrupted by that animated paperclip on Microsoft Word, and my college career found me spending more time on editing and revising my friends’ essays with a good old red pen than on writing my own. For the last ten years, I have helped middle and high school writers find their own voice in my role as an English teacher.

I've been writing with Nicole since 2016. Since then, I have been creating blog posts, web copy, and social media posts for a diverse set of clients and topics ranging from construction to C-suite recruiting, content marketing, healthcare, and more. I also have experience writing about education and English language learning. I especially love the process of writing web copy for clients--having a hand in building a full, accurate, and appealing rendering of the products and services a business prides themselves on is something I find very fulfilling.

Hi, I'm Peggy Trahey!

I started writing my first big novel at 13, saved on a stack of floppy disks, and I’ve never looked back. Writing is the passion I've pursued through my entire academic career from heading the writing club in high school and the poetry publication in college, to writing and publishing a chapbook my senior year at university.

After graduating in 2017, I’ve worked as a social media manager and blog writer for various clients and engagements. I’ve networked with clients from DC, Chicago, NYC and Philadelphia and managed company social media and blog feeds during my travels.

An English major through and through, my specialty is analyzing and incorporating reputable sources into the copy I create for clients. I've written pieces that have focused on retail trends, pop-up shop management, and B2B software services. I’m a creative writer by heart, and I’m always working on a poetry or prose project. This creativity often illuminates my professional writing, bringing a sense of innovation and authenticity to polished corporate blogs.