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Why Aren’t There More Women in the C-Suite?

A feature piece examining the underrepresentation of women in corporate leadership based on data collected by a project management platform.

Opinion: The Pay-to-Play Influencer Marketing Bubble is Bursting

A thought leadership campaign piece examining the state of the industry.

Construction Industry Reports Among the Lowest Gender Pay Gap of Any Industry

An editorial piece about the gender wage gap in the construction industry and how industry leaders might work to close it.

How to Optimize Your Blended Workforce

A client education post written for a field services provider about a new workforce management platform.

How to Calculate ROI

A blog post written for a marketing consultancy blog created in collaboration with Monique De Maio.

The Longest 70 Seconds of My Life

A diary post for a personal training studio blog.

Pinkwashing: Or, How Not to Market to Women

A post on sexism in marketing written for a liberal news blog.

Sexism in the Workplace is Real: A Story From Two Perspectives

A piece for Vox about my viral experience with workplace sexism.

Interview with Dwayne Wimmer: How to Leverage LinkedIn to Increase Engagement

An interview created in collaboration with Monique De Maio for a marketing consultancy blog.

Meeting Legal Compliance Needs

A short blog post meant to educate clients of a legal compliance firm.

Is it Possible to Be a Digital Expert?

A blog post written for a marketing consultancy blog created in collaboration with Monique De Maio.

Collaborative Divorce and Family Law

Web copy written for a family law attorney to explain the impact of new family law legislation.

Conrad O'Brien Employment Law

Web copy produced for a large Philadelphia-based law firm.

A Content Marketer Commits Heresy: Why I Won't Tweet for all of My Clients

A humorous investigation into some of the assumptions behind content marketing.

What is Grue & Bleen?

A script for a short teaser video introducing former name of the Great Big Digital Agency.

How To Write a Systems Administrator Resume That Doesn’t Suck

A guide to writing effective resumes for Systems Administrators for a career services blog

Happy #EqualPayDay! Now, Let’s Get Mad Together.

A first-hand account of gender-based pay discrimination and list of resources for salary research and negotiation techniques.

"Afford a Home Makeover For Your First Apartment"

A photo listical providing apartment decorating tips for renters, highlighting local businesses in Buffalo NY.

"4 Tips To Start a Business From a Woman Who Knows"

An interview with a successful female soloprenuer and media consultant to share tips on working with integrity and succeeding in male-dominated spaces.

"Art Education Investing Pays Dividends for Cities and CEOs"

An interview with the Blick Art Materials CEO to explore why the owner of an art materials company is investing in the seriously underfunded Philadelpia school system.

"Looking for Art Careers? Forget NYC- Try Buffalo"

A city profile exploring the resurging art scene of Buffalo NY, and the attraction to artists and entrepreneurs looking to set up shop.

FDJ's LOVE Denim Makes Shopping for Jeans Fun Again"

A product review for a new line of women's denim jeans, using humor to connect and inform consumers on the trials of finding that perfect pair.

"Marriage Or Career? Don't Ask Me."

An entertainment and opinion piece for young career women explaining why I give Aunt Mitzi the stink eye every time I'm asked "So, when are you getting married?"

"What Do You Need Your Business To Do For You?"

A sponsored post sharing business-building tips for the young, enthusiastic and directionless career girl.

"Oh, You Crochet? Screw You."

A humorous look at the unfair world of online knitting and crochet pattern-hunting.

"You, a crocheter? Come back in 30 years."

A post and comic about the trials and tribulations of being a twenty-something in a septuagenarian industry.

"Does Crocheting Make Me Undateable?"

A post and comic sharing the pros and cons of dating a yarn crafter.

"How To Sell Your Crafts... at Starvation Wages!"

A look at how not to go about getting decent prices for handmade crafts.